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Web & App Development


App Design and Website development are keys to starting a business or attracting new customers. Website design, custom application and software creation help businesses expand grow without limit.

Expand the scope of your business and optimize your Return on Investment with us. Our team of professionals creates best UX/UI mobile applications and website design enabling our clients to gain an edge over others in the market.

Website Design

We do not only create pretty interfaces but we amalgamate aesthetics with functionality. We design websites in such a way that every picture or design put in one’s website tells their brand story. Be it laptop or phone, our designed websites are easy to access and view from all devices. We build user friendly experiences by creating entertaining and interesting designs. We deliver designing websites in a way that it communicates directly with the most authentic leads and grab their attention instantly. We are focused on providing you with new and finest web development solutions. Our professional web designing team is here to provide you with a variety of robust services to help you make the right noise with your website.

Web Development

We provide personalized and need-based web development services for websites like E-Commerce Websites, Dynamic Websites and Static Websites. Along with initial web development services, we also provide round-the-clock support for the websites of our clients. We apply best-in - class technologies and get a highly technologically qualified team of developers to build custom websites and fully immersive apps perfectly conforming to the client’s company requirements. We develop websites by adding layers of security so that our client’s website is perfectly secured. Apart from taking care of security we also look into smart website architecture so that our clients save money in the long run in case of changes in the website.

CRM Development

CRM or Consumer Relationship Management is the entire strategy implemented by an organization to successfully handle the interactions with its customers. What a CRM software solution does is that it collects all the data that is generated by various departments like sales, marketing or finance, related to your customers and consolidates them in one location. This helps in automating all the different processes and workflows involved in the entire lead generation, lead conversion and after-sales services. Customer relationship management helps businesses in software creation and streamlines their workflows and provides them with a simple description of the whole process that is useful in developing their strategies.

Our company is committed to providing its clients with the best CRM services. While providing CRM services, we make sure that we keep our clients on loop keep incorporating their feedbacks to deliver them with excellent services.

Mobile & App Development

It has become a phenomenon that you cannot forget about or resist if you are looking to start a business or expand an existing business of your as mobile Apps now garner more virtual media attention than computer software or websites, with the latter becoming a secondary touch factor. With clients wanting everything at a touch and ordering all at their disposal now, really, mobile application has become the boom driving force. This trend is truly fuelling enterprise increase in greater ways with every passing day.

At VCOGS, we promise to give our customers the best mobile applications for their businesses and design their applications according to their business needs and desires. Our services are really value efficient at the same time surprisingly reliable option to meet the needs of your business.


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